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Pivot Point International - Mindful Teaching Pro


Mindful Teaching Pro


Take your education to the next level!


Pivot Point’s Mindful Teaching Pro will not only prepare students to become licensed instructors, it also combines the latest knowledge about learning theory with Pivot Point’s popular Mindful Teaching curriculum. The result? Students will be at the forefront of education, inspiring the next generation of professionals.

No other professional development program offers such a well-grounded and comprehensive foundation that combines educational theory with practical classroom application and Pivot Point’s unique approach. The methods track of this program teaches educational theory and classroom methods to help students enter the classroom with confidence, armed with the self-awareness and techniques that will transform their desire to teach into real-world instructional excellence. The program also includes opportunities for students to observe and assist experienced instructors as they intern and build their classroom skills through supervised practice teaching.

Pivot Point’s Mindful Teaching Pro provides the means to take creativity and drive from the student salon to the classroom, engaging with students on a meaningful level, as their dreams of a career come true.


How to use Mindful Teaching Pro
Mindful Teaching Pro is an online offering, available anytime, anywhere. Best practice methods for offering lessons from Mindful Teaching Pro include whole group instruction, self-directed individual study or a combination of both whole group and self-directed.

Whole Group Instruction
Whole group instruction refers to an instructor-led environment, generally within the confines of a traditional 4-wall classroom. The instructor presents the information using available support materials for delivery of the information while students take notes, participate in discussion and complete Learning Connections (exercises, assignments) and assessments under the direct supervision of the instructor.

Self-Directed Individual Study
Self-directed individual study involves placing the responsibility for gaining information on the shoulders of the student. A checklist or map of the course is offered to guide the sequence or order of learning. Students access the support materials and complete Learning Connections (exercises, assignments) and assessments on their own.

Combination of Whole Group Instruction and Self-Directed Individual Study
A combination of whole group instruction and self-directed individual study refers to assigning a portion of lessons to each category. For example, you might choose to have students study lessons related to how the brain learns on their own and participate in whole group instruction for the remainder of the lessons.


The Mindful Teaching Pro program consists of nine primary components:

1. Mindful Teaching Pro eBook
2. Mindful Teaching Pro Video Presentation
3. Mindful Teaching Pro Notetaker (instructor and student versions)
4. Mindful Teaching Pro Audio Glossary
5. Mindful Teaching Pro Learning Connections (exercises and assignments)
6. Mindful Teaching Pro Lesson Assessments (lesson tests)
7. Mindful Teaching Intern Guides (instructor and student versions)
8. Mindful Teaching Pro Learning Support Materials
9. Mindful Teaching Pro Exam Ace





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